In May we were delighted to be able to work on two music videos with the legendary Drum and Bass music label, Hospital Records. We shot both at the YouTube Studios in London, utilising their green screen and lighting rigs for each in a purpose-fitted studio.

For the first video with Degs, the brief was to convey an intimate live session to ensure that full focus was on Degs’ amazing soulful vocals on the tune.

As a result we opted to have nothing but Degs and a microphone present in the room. The whole backdrop was green screened and transformed into a Summer blue colour to reflect the upbeat nature of the track. We additionally placed Degs in a boxed room (which was not the original room shape) as an ode to the infamous Colors series on YouTube, which produces videos in this style.

The second video visually was the polar opposite of the first, with Inja coming in with a hard-hitting track that required a fast paced film to compliment. Inja has a huge personality which works excellently in front of camera, so we ensured that this was the focal point of the video with tighter angles on his face and upper body being the most heavily used throughout.

Inja is an extremely experienced MC with many elements to his personality, so we wanted to play on this by shooting him in multiple outfits. Each outfit was linked to a different coloured backdrop, with the idea being that the shots cut between different rooms throughout the video.

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